Winter Boot Sale

Stepping out in freezing winter temperatures or walking on slippery surfaces can turn to pain. Let’s keep your feet warm and safe during the icy season.

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Take good care of your tootsies and save 50 percent at Elio’s. Hurry for best selection, Elio’s Winter Boot Sale ends on December 31, 2017.

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Pedorthic Tips: Getting the Right Winter Boots

Thanks to the Pedorthic Association of Canada for publishing this informative blog article with tips on proper winter boots.

While winter boots are mostly about “warmth”, they also need to be about “fit”. Ensuring your winter boots fit properly while providing the appropriate support you require is critical to having feet that are both warm and comfortable.

A boot that is too tight or short may lead to cold feet. When consulting a footwear expert such as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, don’t be surprised if you end up being fit in a winter boot in a half size bigger than your regular footwear. The larger size allows for a layer of warm air to surround your foot inside the boot, keeping you warmer.

Be sure to try on your boots with the same thickness of sock you plan to wear in your boots. Ideally the socks you wear should be made of a moisture wicking material like polypropylene, acrylic, or wool that creates a dry layer against your skin. Cotton socks should be avoided as they hold moisture against the skin which is a recipe for cold feet and potential frostbite.

Read full article in Pedorthic News.  Click here  

Elio’s is a proud member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada

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