Advanced Foot Care Nurse

For Concerns Related to Foot Skin | Toenail | Diabetic Foot

Educated and certified in skin and nail conditions of the foot, as well as diabetic foot and wound care, an Advanced Foot Care Nurse is a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Foot Care Nurse Part of Holistic Approach

At Elio’s, we believe nursing foot care should play an important part in covering a patient’s holistic healthcare needs. From this holistic approach, the Advanced Foot Care Nurse is an integral member of Elio’s team.  Foot care at Elio’s often intersects and overlaps services provided by members of our team of experts including in-house Canadian Certified Pedorthists, Chiropodist, and Advanced Foot Care Nurse, Lab Technicians, as well doctors and practitioners at other clinics.


  • Callus removal and/or corn removal
  • Trim toenails for patients with complications that might be unsafe or impossible for self-care (for example: nerve damage due to diabetes, dementia, arthritis, etc.)
  • Provide education for clients and caregivers in relation to foot care, selecting proper-fitting footwear
  • Identify potential issues and take start treatments before infection sets in or the pain escalates
Chiropodist treating client in clinic


  • Initial Consultation – $50.00
  • Repeat Visit – $40.00
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