Seniors Benefit from  Regular Foot Assessments Niagara at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre in Thorold with an initial consultation.

As people get older, seniors are known to develop systemic conditions such as diabetes or vascular disease that cause problems in their extremities. For example, peripheral neuropathy, which can be a symptom of diabetes, causes loss of sensation in the feet.  The diabetes and other conditions can affect walking and balance, which could cause accidents such as falls.  Get advice on diabetic foot care in Niagara from Elio’s team of experts.

The team of Certified Pedorthists at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre also understand that circulatory problems also can also lead to injuries, and hence become ulcerated and painful as a result of an inadequate blood supply, which slows healing.

Seniors in Niagara trust the Pedorthists at Elio’s to treat a foot, leg, or ankle problem that causes painful ailment.  However, Elio’s also recommends preventative care as a preferred solution.  As a result of diabetes In Canada, millions of dollars are spent annually on treating foot pain and conditions of the lower extremities. The team at Elio’s feels that consistently managed preventative care would be much more effective and efficient to help patients save money and time, while alleviating foot pain and suffering.”

The recommended program at Elio’s provides patients with annual foot assessments. We recommend every patient consults with our Certified Pedorthists for a preventative exam.  This approach is similar to healthcare procedures for patients to visit their primary-care physician on a regular schedule.

People with health conditions should be checked twice a year. With an on-site lab, Elio’s can take foot scans, examine how you walk, and ensure patients are wearing proper footwear.  For an initial consultation, patients can phone Elio’s or go online to request an appointment at a preferred time.