Diabetic Feet Assessment

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Interested in diabetic feet treatments? People living with diabetes can learn how to care for their feet with these timely tips in recognition of World Diabetes Day on November 14. Foot ailments are known to cause serious risk factors for Diabetics. Elio’s team of experts recommend that Diabetics frequently monitor their feet to avert [...]

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Bunions Foot Pain Treatment

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Need bunions foot pain treatment in Niagara? Have bunions affected your gait and the ability to walk pain free? Let Elio’s help stop your foot pain. We know it can be a challenge to balance a healthy lifestyle including walking and exercise when a person suffers from bunions or other foot ailments.  Let’s [...]

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How Diabetes Affects Feet

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How diabetes affects feet is a focus of Elio's team of experts. Elio’s staff advises our patients living with diabetes to focus on footcare as a daily activity. Statistics show approximately 2.3 million Canadians currently live with diabetes. The data also shows 14 to 24 per cent of diabetics are at risk of [...]

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Keeping Seniors Feet Healthy | Walking

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Keeping seniors feet healthy is a priority for the team of experts at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre.  We know that falls can be a leading cause of an injury and result in a death for seniors over 65 years of age. With a focus on seniors feet, as a step to help prevent falls, [...]

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Foot Assessment Helps Niagara Foot Care Program

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An annual foot assessment is highly recommended for proper foot health. Only after a complete and thorough assessment of the feet and lower limbs can the most effective treatment solutions be determined and orthotic devices be designed. Such assessments are best conducted by a practitioner who has extensive training and expertise, such as [...]

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Back Pain | Feet Related Problems

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COULD MY BACK PAIN BE RELATED TO MY FEET? By Steven Moffatt, Canadian Certified Pedorthist Did you know that having a sore back may have nothing to do with your back itself? It could be starting from the bottom of your feet or in another part of your lower body that may seem [...]

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Hammer Toe Treatment | Niagara Solution

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Hammer toe treatments start with Niagara Solutions by Elio's experts Hammertoes are a deformity of the lesser toes in which the knuckle becomes permanently bent. The knuckle may be flexible and correctable or stiff and rigid. Hammertoes are caused by a muscle imbalance in the toes. Genetics, trauma, arthritis and wearing tight shoes [...]

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Elio’s Promotes Niagara Foot Health Awareness Month

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The month of May is all about foot health awareness. Many doctors and health experts say that good health starts with the feet first. With this idea in mind, Elio`s Foot Comfort Centre is presenting a community education program in May to promote Foot Health Awareness Month in Niagara. On average, a typical person moves [...]

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PAC Symposium | Canadian Certified Pedorthists

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Making connections and learning for professional development have been keys to Elio’s business success, which was advanced by participating in the 2017 PAC Symposium with Canadian Certified Pedorthists held in London, Ontario. More than 300 Pedorthists, Podiatrists, Chiropodist, Orthotists and others concerned with the neurobiology of pedorthics attended attend event hosted by the Pedorthic [...]

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Diabetic Foot Care Niagara | Chiropodist Tips

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Diabetic Foot Care Niagara | Diabetes and Your Feet By Nida Ahmed Chiropodist, Elio's Foot Comfort Centre Diabetic foot care is important at Elio's. Feet are the foundation of the body, and endure a lot of pressure every day from walking and standing. However, most of society tends to forget the importance of [...]

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