Custom Footwear by Elio’s

Are you looking for custom footwear?  If pain in your feet continually prevents you from walking or standing, or if off-the-shelf shoes do not satisfy your needs, custom shoes might be an option for you.   Elio’s team of foot care experts provide integrated solutions for hard to fit problem feet.
Elio’s custom shoe expert will begin the process by taking careful measurements of your feet while also taking note of any foot abnormalities you may have. With the completed measurements, the custom shoe expert will begin development of the lasts (also known as the shoe molds). Once the lasts have been created, the custom shoes can be put into production.

Are Custom Shoes Right for You?

Elio’s custom made shoes can help patients with hard to fit feet, partial foot amputation, or foot deformities that off-the-shelf shoes cannot accommodate.

Very few shoemakers can build what YOU want. Elio’s shoemakers will design and hand craft custom shoes in the style of your choice. They will make sure the custom shoes fit you like a glove and provide you with the necessary comfort and support.
Ask your doctor if your health would benefit from a pair of custom made shoes from Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre.

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1. Initial Steps

  • thorough measurements by custom footwear specialist
  • scan of feet
  • plantar ink impression.

2. Creating of Last

  • form created to shape shoe
  • data is processed in computer
  • last is milled out with CNC milling machines

3. Finished Product

  •  final fitting is conducted
  • staff makes adjustments
  • patient satisfaction with footwear is ensured

For more information on foot care, visit the Pedorthic Association of Canada website.

Elio’s is a proud member of the P.A.C.