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If you require footwear modifications, the in-house service at Elio’s will assist with your special needs. For over 46 years, Elio’s has been working with various medical professionals in Niagara as the premier choice for prescription shoe modifications for patients with Lower Limb Discrepancy (LLD). Modification of footwear at Elio’s has been proven to be an effective solution for numerous ailments. Modifications made by Elio’s specialists address toe deformities such as bunions or hammer toe. The Craftsman at Elio’s is qualified to provide a full range of prescribed modifications.

Contact us for other medically prescribed modifications. If you have a question on a specific modification or foot condition, contact Rob DiFelice at Elio’s for a  consultation. See the types of modifications services provided. Source for descriptions of footwear modifications: Pedorthic Association of Canada.

Elio’s Footwear Modifications Services



Material is added to the side of the sole to broaden the base of support. The flare should be widest where it meets the ground.

Rocker Sole

An addition or modification made to the bottom of the shoe is designed to address ROM limitations, offload an area on the bottom of the foot or improve gait patterns. Rocker Sole is used to reduce painful pressure on the bottom on the foot, reduce energy consumption and reduce stress on stiff or painful joints in the foot and ankle.

S.A.C.H. Heel

Solid Ankle Cushion Heel, a soft compressible material wedge replaces a portion of the back of the heel base. SACH Heel modification reduces shock at heel strike and compensates for diminished ankle motion. ( SACH is also referred to as Plantar flexion heel.) Extra material added to the mid-sole or out-sole of one shoe to make it thicker than the other.

SACH also covers accommodation for structural leg length difference and occasionally functional leg length difference, scoliosis or pelvic imbalance following injury or surgery.


(varus/valgus) A wedge is fixed to the shoe mid-sole to direct weight away.

A wedge is fixed to the shoe mid-sole to direct weight away from the modified side. Wedges also referred to as Lateral/medial sole wedge.

The wedge is used to prevent distorting of the upper and sole of the shoe and improve control in the feet with a rigid supinated or pronated posture or individuals with neurological or strength inhibitions affecting their control at foot plant.

Charcot Modification

Charcot Modification involves splitting and widening the sole of the shoe, possible excavations inside the shoe and the addition of a rocker sole. This modification is used to accommodate severe deformity and reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot.  Examples: Charcot foot, plantar bony prominences, plantar foot ulcers. Footwear modifications are made in-house in Elio’s lab.



On a Resole modification the original sole is removed and replaced with a new sole. The original sole may be replaced due to excessive wear, or can be replaced to optimize traction, i.e. minimal tread and grip for shuffle gait especially with carpeting, maximum tread and grip for hard surfaces, outdoor winter wear.

Thomas Heel Modification

The Thomas Heel Modification is an extension of the standard heel on the inside to add rear foot or mid-foot support medially. this type of modification provides added support for an excessively pronated foot.  See the Canadian Certified Pedorthists at Elio’s for more information on footwear modifications that might apply for your situation.

Shoe Extension

A Shoe Extension is also known as a shoe lift, external lift, LLD correction, or short leg modifications.

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