Elio’s History | A Locally Owned, Family Operated Business Since 1970

Since 1970, Elio’s has been a popular place to buy innovative, top quality product lines – comfort shoes, safety footwear, sandals, and shoes for men or women. Their popular products remain big sellers and the business stands out as Niagara’s one-stop shop for foot comfort.

Customers suffering from foot pain will find a custom-made solution at Elio’s. Compression stockings, diabetic footwear, custom-made shoes and orthotics, orthopedic footwear modifications, along with comfort shoes are among Elio’s many options.

While quality products displayed in a renovated facility and new technology put Elio’s a step ahead, the most valuable asset at Elio’s is its staff, and that truism starts at the top.

Mario and Robert DiFelice show pride in their family owned and operated business established by their father Elio DiFelice. Mario manages sales and operations, while Rob heads up production.

Over the years, Elio’s has made changes to prosper in business, but recent investments in human resources have really moved the company forward.

Brothers Rob and Mario learned well from their father Elio DiFelice.  When it comes to foot comfort, a good fit is not the only thing, it’s everything.

The DiFelice family has been proud of their history in footwear and serving their loyal customers. As an apprentice many decades ago, Elio DiFelice learned to tell a good leather by its feel. He learned how to expertly fit and shape at a time when shoe making was an art. With a passion for his craft, Elio learned that fit was the essence of a good shoe.In 1970, Elio DiFelice purchased the property at 9 Front Street in Thorold and proudly opened the doors to Elio’s Shoes. The store outgrew its humble beginnings, as the name Elio’s became synonymous in town with quality workmanship and service.

As Elio’s loyal clientele expanded so did the store and its selection of shoes. Today, Elio’s family tradition continues in a modern facility located in the Pine Shopping Centre.  The foot care clinic features the latest styles in orthopedic footwear and an on site lab to produce custom shoes, custom foot orthotics, orthopedic footwear modifications, and other requirements for people in Niagara and Southern Ontario.   Four private patient rooms are available for foot assessments by a team of Canadian Certified Pedorthists and an in-house Chiropodist. An in-house lab for production of foot orthotics, and footwear modifications has made Elio’s a market specialist in Niagara. Brothers Mario and Rob maintain the DiFelice family tradition in the footwear industry.

You can find Elio’s in the centre of Niagara,  a few minutes drive from all points in the Region. For foot orthotics Welland, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and neighbouring areas, Elio’s is the one stop shop for foot comfort in our new location, 9 Pine Street, N., Pine Shopping Centre, Thorold.  Phone 905-227-4215 to request an appointment.

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Elio’s store operated for many years in the building that was formerly open as Carroll’s, as pictured left, from a collection of local heritage photographs.  Today, you can come to Elio’s just a block down the street to our new clinic in the Pine Shopping Centre and get a personalized solution to make your feet happy.

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MacQuillen’s Drug Store on Front St. – 1967 previous to being Elio’s

Elio’s Shoes and Repair on Front St. – 1992

Elio’s Shoes and Repair on Front St. – 2006

Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre on Front St. – 2014

Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre at The Pine Street Shopping Centre – 2016

Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre at The Pine Street Shopping Centre – 2021