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Custom Footwear by Elio’s

Very few people can experience the comfort of owning their own custom made shoes. Very few shoemakers can build what YOU want. Elio’s shoe makers will design and hand craft the shoe style of your choice. And, they will make sure the shoes fit like a glove. We begin our process by taking careful measurements of your feet. All feet abnormalities are studied and notated at this time. With the measurements we can begin development of the lasts, also known as the molds.
Ask your doctor if your health would benefit from a pair of custom made shoes from Elio’s. Our custom made shoes help people with hard to fit feet, partial foot amputation, or foot deformities that ready-made off the shelf shoes cannot accommodate. We will also assist clients in processing their insurance claims on custom orthopedic shoes. Let Elio’s staff assist you in taking the first steps to having happy feet.nefit from foot orthotics!

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Our Custom Process

Exact shape and form

Elio’s shoemakers sculpt the lasts until they match the exact shape and form of your feet. Once the shoemakers feel confident the last has been completed, they begin the development of a shoe pattern

The Custom Shoe Upper

The smallest detail of the pattern is designed and then used to cut from the shoe upper. The shoe upper is cut from the most suitable area of the skin in order to achieve maximum flexibility and durability. All pieces of leather are sewn together to complete the leather upper and prepared to be attached to the lasts and the base of the shoe sole.
Whether it’s rubber for maximum comfort and light weight or all leather for rigidity and appearance, the base of the shoe takes as much effort to build as the upper. The final assembly of the shoe takes place when the sole and heel are attached.

Final Assembly

The shoemakers then apply the final finishing touches and carefully slips the last right out of the completed shoe. We blend old world craftsmanship with leading edge technology to provide clients with amazing foot comfort.

3 Steps to Happy Feet

Custom Shoe System scans a person’s foot to create an exact digital replica, allowing the shoemakers to produce shoes to fit accurately. A laser-video scanner is used to create digital models of a clients’ feet. With a 3D foot scan, an analysis is obtained to produce a custom design for each foot. A combination of hi-tech CNC cutting and stitching machines and old-world craftsmanship are carefully employed to fabricate the footwear. We do it one foot at a time. Each shoe comes with an insert for extra comfort and individual adjustability to accommodate prescribed orthotics or other foot problems. The result is the best fit, and happy feet.

Get an assessment from our Certified Pedorthist to see if you would benefit from foot orthotics!

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1. Initial Steps

  • thorough measurement
  • scan of feet
  • plantar ink impression.

2. Creating of Last

• we create a form around which a shoe is made
• data entered and adjusted in computer • last is milled out with CNC milling machines.

3. Finished Product

• final fitting and adjustments
• customer is happy with custom footwear


Request a foot assessment with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist.

See if you would benefit from a pair of custom made foot orthotics or insoles.

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