Diabetic Footwear

What is Diabetic Footwear?

Diabetic footwear is designed specifically to address foot complications particular to persons with diabetes, such as skin breakdown caused by poor circulation, foot ulcers, numbness, or diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetic footwear has specific features and advantages such as:

  • Seamless protective liner made from soft material to prevent skin irritation.
  • Extra depth to reduce pressure on your foot, prevent skin breakdown, promote circulation and to accommodate custom diabetic foot orthoses.

  • Deep toe box to provide extra room and prevent skin breakdown for your toes.
  • Firm cushioned midsoles to protect the foot from external factors

  • Rocker midsole to provide motion control, account for limited ranges of motion in the foot, and to reduce pressure and friction.

How Diabetic Shoes Should Fit

  1. The shoe should be fixed to the foot between the closure (lacing or velcro) and the heel counter;
  2. The sole of the shoe should be stiff from the heel down to the ball-of-the-foot to harmonize with the movements of the foot;
  3. The last of the shoe should match the shape of the foot to avoid adverse pressure and friction; there’s straight lasted shoes for flat feet and semi-curved lasted shoes for higher arches;
  4. The shoe should be broad enough to avoid causing ischemic pressure to the sides of the ball-of-the-foot
  5. The toe box should be spacious enough to give free distance and movement of the toes;
  6. The shoe must be 1.5 cm longer than the weight-bearing foot. The tip of the toes must not reach to the toecap at toe-off, not even during running.

Diabetic Shoes and Sizing at Elio’s

Many of the foot problems caused by diabetes can turn into more serious health complications, but they can also be prevented. Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre has many diabetic shoes styles available in all sizes and widths to ensure a perfect fit and function. Let the specialists at Elios help you live a healthy, pain-free and worry-free lifestyle.

Elio’s Diabetic Foot Care Program

Elio’s team of experts can provide assistance to help prevent foot complications for patients with diabetes. Elio’s provides diabetic foot care and individualized treatments based on each patient’s needs and budget. Take the first step by booking an initial consultation with a Chiropodist.

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