Top Quality Athletic Footwear from Niagara’s Total Foot Care Clinic

If you do not fully know the benefits of all the different types athletic footwear, then the staff at Elio’s can help you make the right choice to suit your needs. Our staff can help you make the right choice to match up with the proper sports footwear intended for the type of activity in your lifestyle. Our staff can guide you to choose the proper footwear to help keep your feet protected.

Athletic Footwear | Leisure Walking | Jogging | Competition

Proper athletic shoes can be matched to your requirements to help you maximize performance in competition, or just for leisure activities such as walking or jogging.  As athletic footwear comes in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, we advise customers to consider all the key features to make their choice a winner. Elio’s offers a wide range of athletic footwear featuring top brand names for high quality.

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Top Quality Brands


When it comes to athletic footwear, Saucony is a top brand available at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre.

In 1898, four young businessmen opened the Saucony Show Manufacturing Company in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. By 1910, they were turning out 800 pairs of shoes a day from their two-story brick factory on the Saucony Creek. That’s a lot of shoes.
Fast forward to the present, and today, Saucony exists for runners.


Available at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre, Brooks® Sports offers men’s and women’s high-performance running shoes, apparel, and accessories that meet the needs of runners of all levels. Our mission is to inspire people to run and be active. Brooks’ technically advanced running gear is designed to help you run longer, farther, faster, and with more enjoyment of the running experience.  Learn more about Brooks