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Elio’s Custom Foot Orthotics

Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre proudly produces custom made orthotics in-house, right here in Niagara. Canadian Certified Pedorthosts and Chiropodists at Elio’s are able to craft and dispense Custom Orthotics as part of a personalized pain solution for their patients.


Custom orthotics from Elio’s can help to provide relief of painful foot, lower limb and back problems; especially for patients who have pre-existing conditions, or for those who stand excessively throughout the day. Elio’s orthotics are also able to help patients to restore the motion of their feet and lower limbs, and regain overall stability. Custom orthotics are designed to maintain the normal alignment of the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back. With enough functional correction, custom orthotics can help to make standing, walking and running a lot more comfortable.

Foot Assessment

In order to receive Custom Orthotics from Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre, a patient must first come in for a no charge Foot Assessment by one of Elio’s Canadian Certified Pedorthists or Chiropodists. These in-depth assessments are performed in of Elio’s private patient room, and they include a biomechanical evaluation and gait analysis. Custom Orthotics are most effective when they are fitted into proper footwear. For this reason, Elio’s offers a wide selection of orthopedic footwear for patients to choose.

Made On Site

Custom Foot Orthotics are made on-site in Elio’s lab, right here in Niagara.

This state of the art lab allows Elio’s team to ensure quality control and prompt production of their patient’s orthotics.

Having an on-site lab also allows for orthotic adjustments to be made whenever necessary.

Appointments and Insurance Coverage

If you believe custom foot orthotics might be right for you, book a no charge assessment with one of Elio’s qualified specialists to find out how we can make your feet happy.  Request an appointment.

Custom Orthotics are also covered under most insurance plans. Elio’s team of insurance specialists are available to assist you with the insurance paperwork and submission process.  Custom Foot Orthotics from Elio’s can help to turn your pain into comfort.  Lean more foot health insurance benefits.