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Foot pain solution by Elio's Foot Comfort Centre

Need a foot pain solution? Welcome to Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre

Looking for a foot pain solution?

Visit Elio’s new clinic located in the Pine Shopping Centre, 9 Pine St., N., Thorold

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  • 9 Pine St. N., Thorold

Located in the centre of the Niagara Region, Elio’s is a few minutes drive from all points in the Peninsula.

For foot pain solutions including custom orthotics for people in Welland, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and neighbouring areas, Elio’s turns your pain into comfort.

Elio’s is a proud member of the
Pedorthic Association of Canada

We Turn Your Pain Into Comfort

Making Feet Happy Since 1970

Find your foot pain solution in Niagara at Elio’s!

If foot or lower limb pain affects your ability to work, enjoy hobbies or conduct daily activities, Elio’s team of specialists can help.

Foot Pain Solution

Elio’s team of experts are bracing Niagara with custom and off-the-shelf solutions for knee, foot, ankle, leg and back problems. Elio’s utilizes a proven bracing system to help alleviate pain and treat health problems for patients. Contact Elio’s today to learn how custom or off-the-shelf bracing options can help to turn your pain into comfort.  Learn more …

People who feel foot pain, heel pain, bunion pain, knee pain or back aches will understand the suffering their conditions can pose on their lifestyle. This pain often impacts their ability to work, enjoy hobbies or conduct daily activities.  Learn more …

Compression stockings, socks or hosiery can be beneficial medical aids that can help ease these uncomfortable symptoms.
Elio’s experts know these symptoms often result from poor blood flow in the lower limbs.  Learn more…

Foot orthotics are custom made in Niagara in house by staff at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre.

Elio’s custom orthotics help in restoring motion. Our patients benefit from a complete approach to foot care to regain stability and find relief of painful foot, knee or back problems. Elio’s integrated foot health solutions help in providing relief of painful foot problems for those who stand excessively on the job or in everyday activities.

The mechanical process of custom foot orthotics will help to maintain the normal positioning of the foot; the joints in the ankle and knees up to the hips and lower back. With enough functional correction from a custom solution the foot structure can be aligned to make walking, running and even cycling more comfortable.  Learn more …

Elio’s offers a convenient foot assessment service on-site for people with unique needs. Contact Elio’s for a no-charge initial consultation with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist.

Only after a complete and thorough assessment of the feet and lower limbs can the most effective treatment solutions be determined and orthotic devices be designed. Such assessments are best conducted by a practitioner who has extensive training and expertise, such as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist.  Learn more …

If you require footwear modifications, the in-house service at Elio’s will assist with your special needs. For over 46 years, Elio’s has been working with various medical professionals in Niagara as the premier choice for prescription shoe modifications for patients with Lower Limb Discrepancy (LLD).  Learn more…

When comfort is a key in choosing women’s footwear, Elio’s is the place to shop. Elio’s offers an expert fitting service coupled with a selection of top brand names.

Comfort footwear is easy to choose with the options offered at Elios. Wider widths, arch support, extra depth and orthotic friendly shoes offer plenty of comfort enhancements.  Learn more …

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