Foot Pain Solution Niagara

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Foot Pain Solution Niagara by Certified Canadian Pedorthists

Foot Assessments
Foot Pain Solution Niagara

Elio’s offers a convenient foot assessment service on-site. For a Foot Pain Solution Niagara, contact us for a consultation with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist for a foot pain solution.

Foot Orthotics
foot pain solution

Elio’s produces custom orthotics on site to ensure prompt production and quality control. Elio’s Orthotics can be your foot pain solution. Find relief for aching feet.

Compression Stockings
Foot Pain Solution

Elio’s features a full range of Jobst compression stockings for comfort, health, and style. Contact Elio’s to check if your insurance plan covers compression stockings.

Comfort Footwear <a href=

Comfort Footwear
Foot Pain Solution

When comfort is a key in choosing women’s footwear, Elio’s is the place to shop. Elio’s offers an expert fitting service coupled with a selection of top brand names.

Service All Niagara
Located in the centre of the Niagara Region, Elio’s is a few minutes drive from all points in the Region. For foot orthotics Welland, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and neighbouring areas, Elio’s is the one stop shop for foot comfort..
Foot Pain Solution
Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre, the business that makes feet happy, has been continually taking steps forward. Since 1970, Elio’s has always continued to evolve with foot pain solutions.
Elio's Focus
Proper Footwear Selection and Fitting
One in four Canadians with diabetes will develop potentially serious foot problems related to the disease. However, proper footwear can help diabetic patients avoid unnecessary complications. Elio’s offers the finest quality  diabetic footwear by Dr. Comfort. Ask your doctor about the health benefits of diabetic footwear. Elio’s offers a solution to reduce diabetes foot pain and problems. Get a pair of diabetic socks with your next purchase of Dr. Comfort shoes.
In the cold wet days of winter, or the hot and humid   days of summer, Elio’s is your source for high performance safety footwear. Elio’s selection provides comfort, durability, and protection. Choose from an unsurpassed selection of safety footwear, and get a perfect fit with expert service at Elio’s.
If you require footwear modifications, the onsite service at Elio’s will assist with your special needs. The Craftsman on site at Elio’s is qualified to provide a full range of prescribed modifications, rocker bottoms, wedges, SACH Heel, medial flare, full sole lift and more. Click for details. .

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