Elio’s Expert Arch Pain Solution | Chronic Knee and Hip Pain Treatment


Elio’s patient, Carol Forte suffered from arch pain in both feet, and chronic knee and hip pain.  She was unable to walk long distances without having discomfort. Carol needed a custom solution to give her comfort that would help her walk pain-free on a trip to Italy.


The Certified Pedorthist at Elio’s performed a thorough Gait analysis and foot assessment for Carol . After the on-site assessment, the Pedorthists decided to design Custom Foot Orthotics for her. The Orthotics were fabricated on site for quality control and designed specifically for Carol and her feet, knee and hip condition.


On her trip to Italy, Carol finally walked with the comfort she wanted.  “The orthotics allowed me to walk like a 30 year-old in Italy,“ stated the 70 year-old patient.  Carol has used orthotics for 50 years, but she attests the custom made solution from Elio’s is the best. “Custom orthotics reduced foot, knee and hip pain. Elio’s is the best place to get your foot problems resolved.”

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Elio’s is a member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada.  Learn more about foot health from the Canadian Certified Pedorthists at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre in Thorold.

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