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Have bunions affected your gait and the ability to walk pain free? Let Elio’s help stop your foot pain. We know it can be a challenge to balance a healthy lifestyle including walking and exercise when a person suffers from bunions or other foot ailments.  Let’s find a solution for your foot pain and help you walk, run, and play. Meet with Elio’s Canadian Certified Pedorthists to learn how treatments for bunions can turn pain into comfort.

Bunions Foot Pain Treatment

People think of a bunion as being a growth on the side of the foot near the big toe; however, bunions go deeper than what we can see. A bunion actually reflects a change in the anatomy of the foot. Essentially, a bunion develops when the big toe begins to point toward the second toe. This eventually produces the growth on the inside of the foot.
What are the symptoms of bunions?
Many people do not experience any symptoms in the early stages of bunion formation. Symptoms are most often experienced when the bunion becomes more pronounced, or when the patient wears high-heeled shoes or shoes that crowd the toes.
When symptoms do occur, they may include:
• Physical discomfort or pain
• A burning feeling along the side of big toe
• Redness and swelling over the bunion
• Numbness along the side of the big toe
• Difficulty walking

What causes bunions?

Suffering from Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, wearing poor fitting or narrow shoes, and genetics all play a role in the development of a bunion.
Who gets bunions?
Bunions are most common in women. This is directly related to the narrow, high-heeled shoes that are popular for women.
Genetics are more likely to play a role in the development of bunions in males.

When you need a bunions foot pain treatment, contact Elio’s for an assessment.

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Karen Bonham, Elio's Patient

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Myra Kennedy, Elio's Patient

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