Do you feel pain from burning and aching feet? Ask about a Burning Feet Treatment from Elio’s, Niagara’s total foot care clinic.
Burning feet syndrome, also referred to Grierson-Gopalan syndrome, causes severe burning and aching of the feet, and changes of the feet that lead to excessive sweating. This medical condition can even affect the eyes. The condition occurs more frequently in women, and is often a problem when a person is between 20 and 40 years old.
Treatments for burning feet syndrome include wearing open and comfortable shoes that have arch supports, along with cotton socks. Cold water usually soothes the heat for many patients, and there are creams and vitamin B supplements that can also provide relief.
For treatment of the burning feet syndrome in Niagara, visit Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre and ask for more tips on foot care. Please request an appointment with one of Elio’s Canadian Certified Pedorthists for an assessment.

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