Chiropodists Treat Foot Disorders | Prevent Diseases
By Nida Ahmed
People who feel foot pain, heel pain, bunions, knee pain or back aches will understand the suffering their conditions can pose on their lifestyle. This pain often impacts their ability to work, enjoy hobbies or conduct daily activities.
A Chiropodist or Certified Pedorthist can offer custom solutions for each patient, including treatments for problem feet and other ailments.
Chiropody is defined as the assessment of the foot and the treatment and prevention of disease or disorders of the foot by therapeutic, surgical, orthotic and palliative techniques.
As a primary health care provider, the in-house Chiropodist at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre is available to offer treatments to patients of all ages and activity levels.
A Chiropodist provides general and preventative foot care for a wide range of foot conditions. Treatments are available for all levels of the foot; from surface skin infections to joint pain.
Typically, the initial visit with a Chiropodist will include a full history and foot exam which will allow for the development of a comprehensive management plan to satisfy the patient’s foot care needs.
Chiropodists Treat Foot Disorders
Chiropodists provide foot care to meet the needs of many patient groups. They can provide treatments for many foot problems including nail issues, corns, calluses, warts and skin infections; as well as provide diabetic foot care and perform minor surgeries, injections and rehabilitation services.
Chiropody services may be covered by your third-party insurance provider. Check with your plan administrator for more details.

Nida Ahmed is the In-house Chiropodist at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre in Thorold, Ontario.  Visit our new clinic in the Pine Shopping Centre, 9 Pine St. N., Thorold to schedule an appointment or phone to book an appointment 905-227-0470 or request an appointment online.

For more information on foot health and the benefits of Chiropody visit the Ontario Podiatric Medical Association website.

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Elio’s is a member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada.  Learn more about foot health from the Canadian Certified Pedorthists at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre in Thorold.

Chiropodists Treat Foot Disorders | Prevent Diseases