Interested in diabetic feet treatments? People living with diabetes can learn how to care for their feet with these timely tips in recognition of World Diabetes Day on November 14.

Foot ailments are known to cause serious risk factors for Diabetics. Elio’s team of experts recommend that Diabetics frequently monitor their feet to avert severe consequences such as amputation.

For example, a wound such as a small blister caused by wearing tightly fitted footwear can cause serious damage to a person with diabetic feet. Diabetes decreases blood flow, which means injuries take more time than average to heal. The risk of infection increases to a high level when a wound does not heal. Infections spread relatively faster for diabetics.

Experts for Diabetic Feet

Elio’s team of experts advise Diabetic patients to take time for daily inspection of their feet. The inspection should look for puncture wounds, bruises, pressure areas, redness, warmth, blisters, ulcers, scratches, cuts and nail problems. A diabetic could use a mirror to inspect their feet or get assistance by a caregiver for the daily check.

Consider Common Foot Ailments For Diabetics:

  1. Poor circulation
  2. Foot Ulcers
  3. Infection
  4. Neuropathy
  5. Calluses
  6. Charcot Foot

In recognition of World Diabetes Day on November 14, Elio’s is offering consultations to assist Diabetics in Niagara. If you want more advice on diabetic feet, please request an appointment with one of the Canadian Certified Pedorthists or the Chiropodist at Elioi’s.    We help turn pain into comfort

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Elio’s New Foot Care Clinic

To meet the foot health needs of a growing customer base, our new foot care clinic offers patients a bigger space to provide superior service. In our new spacious facility, Elio’s will continually expand its selection with more bracing, compression stockings, orthopedic footwear and diabetic shoes, and rooms to make adjustments on Elio’s custom made orthotics, footwear modifications, and much more.

The facility with leading technology enables Canadian Certified Pedorthists to conduct foot assessments in one of our four private patient rooms.  Come and see Elio’s new foot care clinic.

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