We continue Elio’s series on diabetic foot care with this blog covering the Diabetic Foot Exam as well as the Diabetic Foot Care Checklist.  This is all part of Elio’s commitment to showing patients how to take care of and manage their foot health.

Diabetic Foot Care Checklist

  1. Wash your feet in warm water daily
  2. Dry feet carefully, especially in between toes
  3. Apply moisturizing lotion to heel, soles and top of feet and never between toes
  4. Keep feet warm and dry
  5. Change socks daily and wear white socks with no seam
  6. Check feet daily for cuts, ingrown toenails, bruises, blisters, sores, cracks, infections etc
  7. Use a mirror to check the bottom of feet or have someone check for you
  8. Check inside of shoes daily for any foreign objects
  9. Always wear supportive footwear inside and outside of the home
  10. Have a diabetic foot assessment done yearly by a foot specialist
  11. Book an appointment with Elio’s Chiropodist for regular care and any advice

Elio’s Can Help When You Need a Diabetic Foot Exam 

The diabetic foot examination is thorough and includes testing in 4 key areas:

  1. Vascular,
  2. Neurological
  3. Musculoskeletal
  4. Dermatological

Together, along with overall health, medical history and diabetes history a “risk level” can be determined.

High risk patients pose higher risk of ulcer development and should be seen regularly by a chiropodist to help keep their feet healthy.

A diabetic risk assessment should be performed annually.  Book an appointment today at Elio’s.

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Diabetes can affect the “gift of pain”

If pain sensation is diminished a result of diabetes, problems like excessive pressure can be ignored and turn into skin breakdown. Monofilament testing – “protective sensation” is tested in 10 areas of the foot. If loss of sensation is noted, extra care must be taken to avoid excessive pressure (ie. orthotics, shoes indoors)

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Facts on Diabetes

Consider the impact of Diabetes based on the following fact supplied by Diabetes Canada.

  • The number of Canadians with diagnosed diabetes will rise to 5 million people (12%) by 2025
  • Therefore by 2025; 33% of Canadians will have diabetes, prediabetes or undiagnosed diabetes

Based on these facts and symptoms, if you have a concern with your foot health, please schedule an appointment at Elio’s as soon as possible.  We are here to help.