Diabetic Foot Care Niagara | Diabetes and Your Feet

By Nida Ahmed

Chiropodist, Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre

Diabetic foot care is important at Elio’s. Feet are the foundation of the body, and endure a lot of pressure every day from walking and standing. However, most of society tends to forget the importance of foot health until a problem arises. When it comes to feet; there is a strong relationship between Diabetes and foot related ailments.

Diabetes prevalence will increase to 3.7 million in 2020 from 2.7 million and about 1 in 3 individuals will be affected by 2020. Diabetes Mellitus is a disease of the pancreas where it cannot produce enough insulin or the body cannot properly use the insulin produced.

One of the complications of diabetes; diabetic neuropathy is a loss of protective sensation in the feet. This, in turn, can increase the risk of possible ulcerations. Approximately 15 percent of those with diabetes will be affected with a foot ulcer in their life.

A diabetic foot ulcer is breakdown of the skin that may extend down to subcutaneous tissue and possibly muscle or bone. If untreated, ulcers can become infected, develop into gangrene and progress to possible amputation.

Diabetic foot care Niagara

Daily care, early intervention and treatment should be implemented, and a chiropodist should be seen regularly to avoid problems.  Contact Elio’s if you have questions on your foot health.

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10 Everyday Tips for Diabetic Foot Care

  1. Inspect feet every day for blisters, cuts, and any openings in the skin
  2. Wash feet daily in lukewarm water, checking temperature with hand
  3. Dry feet well especially in between toes
  4. Wear clean white socks and change daily, to observe if any bleeding from cuts
  5. Examine shoes every day, both inside and outside
  6. Apply moisturizing lotion daily but never in between toes
  7. Always wear shoes both indoors and outdoors
  8. Control blood sugars and monitor levels daily
  9. Wear proper fitting shoes
  10. Have feet checked regularly
Nida Ahmed, Chiropodist, Elio's Foot Comfort Centre