When the arch inside the foot is flat, we commonly call this flat feet. This painless disorder is common and is known to happen at birth or after pregnancy. Typically, flat feet do not cause problems but may in some cases cause the foot to rotate inwards.

Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre offers solutions for flat feet including prosthetic shoe insoles that help correct flat feet. In general, surgery is not recommended as a correction for correct flat feet.

Do you know someone with flat feet or high arches?  Flat feet leads to a higher incidence of plantar fasciitis, which causes inflammation of the tissue on the bottom of the foot. It’s the leading cause of heel pain. Without proper arch support, you can feel pain in the heels, arches, and legs.

For flat feet solutions in Niagara, visit Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre for more tips on foot care. A Canadian Certified Pedorthist is on site.

A doctor’s referral may be required to qualify for insurance plans to cover some costs of your foot comfort solution. Please visit your doctor to complete Elio’s Prescription Form for othotics or a custom footwear solution from Elio’s.