Losing the adaptability of the feet is associated with aging in our society.  We can take a few steps today to make positive changes.

As a starter, step up the importance of foot health and don’t take your tootsies for granted.

We know that our feet are vital to health and mobility.  On average, a person takes 4,819 steps a day (almost 4 km daily), according to Stanford University researchers. Foot problems are common with this level of activity. As people age, problems are aggravated. Heel pain, bunions, and metatarsalgia become problematic with age. Corns and calluses, hammertoes or plantar warts are also common foot ailments that could affect us over the years.  Diabetes, poor circulation, or foot ulcers are other problems we could face as we get older. For seniors, foot problems can mean the difference between going to a hospital or long-term care residence and living at home. Therefore, foot care should be a high priority for a person’s overall health.

Here are some helpful suggestions to put your best foot forward. These tips are offered to assist with the treatment and prevention of common foot problems. However, these points are not a replacement for professional foot care by a Canadian Certified Pedorthist or Chiropodist. Book at appointment at Elio’s with one of our specialists if you have foot problem.  In the meantime, try these exercises to help maintain muscle tone, keep feet from getting tired.

  • While sitting down, lift your foot off the ground, hang a purse from your foot and flex your foot to strengthen your ankle.
  • Pick up marbles or a crumpled towel with your toes.
  • Rock in a rocking chair by pushing off with your toes.
  • Stand with your feet about two inches apart and walk in a straight line with all the weight on the outer edges of your feet.
  • Raise yourself to tiptoe, then rock back to your heels twenty times.
  • Roll your feet over a rolling pin several times a day.
  • Cross your legs, point the toe down and move your foot in circles, first clockwise, then counter-clockwise. The foot can also be rotated gently in and out and moved up and down at the ankle.

Source: Veterans Affairs Canada

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Pilates for Foot Health

Pilates can be an effective exercise to maintain foot health.  Pilates gets us to take off our shoes and integrate our feet with our entire body. Pick up some foot correctors and toe exercisers, bands, marbles and balls to help mobilize and strengthen your feet.  If your feet feel like heavy rocks some mornings, try this tip we learned from Allison Kares, Pilates Trainer at Movement Unlimited, 178 Hwy 20 W, Fonthill.   Allison keeps a small soft ball that she purchased at a dollar store in the drawer in her kitchen and uses it to roll out her feet while coffee is made in the morning.

It is all about the base of the body and maintaining your adaptability. This is because the feet are a person’s foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Make your feet happy for a happy lifestyle.

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