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Problem: Charlie suffered an accident over 30 years ago and recently approached Elio’s for a solution to relieve significant hip and lower back pain.  A serious leg break during the accident and the surgical reconstruction that followed left him with an undiagnosed leg length discrepancy for nearly three decades.  The chronic problem restricted Charlie’s ability to walk up or down stairs and outdoors activity.

Solution: The Certified Pedorthist at Elio’s performed a thorough gait analysis and foot assessment for Charlie.  After the on-site assessment, a Custom Foot Orthoses was designed and fabricated in house to 3D molds taken during the initial consult.  Gradually, small lifts were introduced to balance his pelvis and alleviate the nerve impingement related to the numbness.

Result: Elio’s solution improved Charlie’s life.  He now enjoys an active outdoors lifestyle again without having to stop and sit after walking 10 minutes.   Nearly 60 years old his feet are no longer slowing him down and he is absolutely thrilled that Elios has helped him with an issue that had plagued him for the latter half of his life.

Hip and Lower Back Pain Solution

This Ask the Expert article on a Hip and Lower Back Pain Solution was published in Health, Wellness and Safety Magazine, by Canadian Certified Pedorthist, Steve Moffatt on Elio’s team of experts.

hip lower back pain solution | Elio's Foot Comfort

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