May is Foot Health Awareness Month and Seniors Month is coming in June, so this blog combines the two themes into a unified message.

Seniors are known to develop systemic conditions such as diabetes or vascular disease that cause problems in the extremities. For example, peripheral neuropathy, which can be a symptom of diabetes, causes a loss of sensation in the feet.   Peripheral neuropathy can also impact a person’s ability to walk properly or maintain balance.  As a result, falls happen more often for persons with peripheral neuropathy.

Additionally, circulatory problems can lead to injuries. The problem could become ulcerated and trigger severe foot pain because of a low blood supply.  This problem slows down healing.

Typically, seniors with foot pain seek a solution when the problem becomes unbearable.  As a smart alternative, Elio’s recommends a preventive care plan.

With no plan, patients face serious health risks, incur expenses and consume valuable time in addressing foot and leg problems.  By focusing on prevention, and setting a plan for regular foot care, patients with diabetes can be proactive in their goal to alleviate foot problems.  We also know that healthy feet help to create a strong foundation for the body.

A preventive health plan includes an annual foot assessment.  At Elio’s, an annual foot exam is recommended for every patient. Persons with health conditions should be checked more frequently.

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What Is Covered in a Foot Assessment?

In a foot assessment, one of the Canadian Certified Pedorthists at Elio’s will look at a patient’s gait analysis and watch how they walk.  We also check to see if a patient wears properly fitted orthopedic footwear. The exam also covers functional testing. We’ll check a patient standing, sitting, and lying down. The assessment also looks at the range of motions of a patient’s joints and we’ll test strength of the muscles around the joints.

Take the first step to make your feet happy at Elio’s and book a foot assessment today as a part of your preventive health plan.