By Ashley Steele, Canadian Certified Pedorthist, Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre.


Gloria, a patient at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre, suffered constant pain on the entire right side of her lower body, from the foot to the knee and into the hip. She was diagnosed with scoliosis and spinal stenosis a few years ago. Extensive back surgery required two rods placed into her back and eight vertebrae were fused. Since the surgery she suffered from a pinched nerve in the back which limited significantly her ability to walk.

Scoliosis and Spinal Stenosis Solution

The team of Certified Pedorthists at Elio’s performed a thorough biomechanical assessment and gait analysis for Gloria. Following an on-site assessment, Elio’s team discovered that Gloria’s left leg was shorter than the right.  This issue is fairly common following surgeries to the lower body, and could cause an increase in pressure through the low back and knees. Elio’s Pedorthist created a cast for a custom pair of orthotics in the on-site lab.  Gloria was provided a lift for her left leg to balance the pelvis and knees.


Since using the custom orthotics with a lift Elio’s experts fabricated for Gloria , as well as proper fitting footwear she purchased conveniently in-store, Gloria’s pain has been effectively treated and she enjoys foot comfort. Her walking ability is no longer limited and she is walking throughout the day pain free. If you suffer foot pain or difficulty walking, contact Elio’s for a consultation.

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Elio’s is a member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada.  Learn more about foot health from the Canadian Certified Pedorthists at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre in Thorold.

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