Walk Right For Your Foot Type

Walk Right For Your Foot Type

By Ashley Steele
Canadian Certified Pedorthist

Feet are the foundation of the body, and when it comes to running or walking it is critical to get the right shoe for your foot type to help prevent any strains or injuries to the body. There are three types of support for running shoes; Neutral, Motion Control and Stability.

A neutral shoe is good for the high arch types (supinators) or a neutral foot type, and for the majority of people wearing orthotics. These shoes tend to be more cushioned and do not have any motion control built into the sole.

A mild motion control shoe has a small amount of arch support built into the sole of the shoe. These shoes have a higher density foam in the arch compared to the rest of the sole, which make them perfect for people who have a mild arch collapse (pronation) and for those not wearing orthotics.

A high motion control shoe is the most supportive running shoes offered and are perfect for those with flat feet or severe overpronation. These shoes have a high-density foam or plastic in the arch of the sole to help prevent excessive pronation.


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