A bunion is a common term for a foot medical condition known as Hallux Valgus. Hallux Valgus if the tilting of the toe away from the mid-line of the body. It is usually characterized by a lump or bump that is red, swollen or painful on the inside of the foot in and around the big toe joint.
There are many causes of bunions, but the primary one is tight, ill-fitting shoes, shoes that constrict the forefoot over a long period of time. High heels and constricting forefoot shoe gear are the primary causes of Hallux Valgus.
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There are many things that you can do to lessen the pain associated with this condition. A good, well-supported, wide toe box shoe, along with good insoles.
1.Anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin, Tylenol, etc.
2.Cold compresses.
3.Soak your feet in Epsom salts, foot soaks.
4.Massage therapy and pads are also good palliative measures.
Those who may have diabetes, vascular insufficiency, arthritis or a neuropathy (where the sensation to the foot is diminished) immediate care of a podiatrist or physician is recommended. Doctors specializing in the care and treatment of the foot (Podiatrist or Orthopedist) usually will recommend x-rays to determine the exact cause and treatment of this condition. Visit Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre for a consultation with a foot specialist.