Diabetic Foot Neuropathy ( Nerve Damage)

By Jake Cahoon, Canadian Certified Pedorthist, Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre

Problem:  Like many other patients at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre, Fred is diabetic and developed neuropathy (nerve damage), which left him with poor sensation in the feet.  A difficult combination of a prominent bone in his forefoot, poor fitting footwear and neuropathy caused enough irritation to create an ulcer under his forefoot.

Solution: Fred turned to the foot care experts at Elio’s to manage his wound and to help it heal properly.  This process included frequent wound care, dressing changes and keeping weight off the foot.  Once healed, Fred wanted to get walking again!  The team of Certified Canadian Pedorthists at Elio’s assessed Fred’s feet and determined he would need custom footwear to accommodate the prominent bone in his forefoot. Additionally, custom foot orthotics would be required to offload the area the ulcer developed.  Not only was it convenient for Fred, but it was highly effective to get the custom shoes and custom orthotics at Elios, which ensured the integrated solution could be dispensed and fit properly in one visit.

Result: After some on-the-spot fine tuning, Fred was able to walk out of Elio’s with a set-up that allowed him to be active again.  Fred has not suffered a problem following Elio’s solution, and he has been living a healthier, more active lifestyle as a result.  If you suffer from foot pain or have difficulty walking, contact Elio’s for a consultation.

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Diabetic Foot Neuropathy (Nerve Damage)