Find Mortons Neuroma Relief at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre. Morton’s Neuroma is caused by an enlargement or entrapment of a nerve bundle at the base of the toes. Pain can usually be created by squeezing the forefoot or the space between the 3rd and 4th toes. Morton’s Neuroma commonly feels similar to standing on a marble and may cause numbness or tingling into the toes.

Foot Problems? We can help at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre with an on-site lab and certified pedorthist. A doctor’s referral may be required to qualify for insurance plans to cover some costs of your foot comfort solution. Please visit your doctor to complete Elio’s Prescription Form for orthotics or a custom footwear solution from Elio’s. The staff at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre including our team of Canadian Certified Pedorthists value the excellent relationship with family physicians in Niagara, doctors, health care specialists, and other medical professionals. As a service to assist with foot health care in our community, Elio’s provides Prescription Pads for doctors to use for referrals. When you suffer from foot pain, knee pain, leg pain, or back pain, ask your doctor for a referral to a Canadian Certified Pedorthist at Elio’s.

Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre, the business that makes feet happy, has been continually taking steps forward. Since 1970, Elio’s has always continued to evolve.  Located in the Pine Shopping Centre in Thorold, the locally owned business is focusing on four key benefits for clients; – an on-site lab, equipped with the latest technology for its specialists to create custom shoes and foot orthotics; in-house production, ensuring prompt turnaround and quality control.

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