Custom bracing enables athletes to enjoy their sports activities, whether they perform in competitive or non-competitive activities.If pain is causing problems in the knees, back, hands, elbows or shoulders, Elio’s experts can develop solutions designed to restore mobility and improve performance for professional or amateur athletes by bracing Niagara.

Typically, Elio’s team of experts customize bracing to help our patients. We recommend bracing as a preventative measure for specific sports known for chronic injuries. Elio’s offers a wide range of braces available for athletes and people with an active lifestyle. In fact, bracing Niagara at Elio’s is specialized for types of activity and could use solutions with fibre glass, carbon fibre, and Kevlar to keep its weight down to help athletes maximize their competitive performance.
Recognized in Niagara as the bracing experts, our team get questions from people concerned that bracing will weaken their muscle development, however this concern is unwarranted in most cases. Preventative bracing limits the extreme range of motion which causes injury, instead of facilitating normal movement. It does not stop the muscles from working. In fact, bracing can actually help muscle development by preventing long stretches of inactivity that comes with inversion ankle sprains or knee ligament tears.
A common service for bracing Niagara at Elio’s is the treatment for athletes who tear their ACL (a major ligament in the knee). Elio’s bracing experts recommend a caged knee brace as a solution for ACL treatments. We see a growing number of athletes in Niagara, mainly high level volleyball and basketball players suffering ankle pain, as well as football, hockey, and soccer players with knee problems, all turning to Elio’s bracing for injury prevention, not just post injury treatment.

Bracing Niagara to Prevent Injuries for Athletes

Around Niagara these days, many leagues, organizations, or sports programs demand preventative bracing for their players. As a suggestion, consider the most common injury for your sport and determine the type of brace that can be used to prevent that common injury. For most effective support, Elio’s custom knee braces are not simple knee sleeves or products sold at retail stores. Custom knee braces handled for Elio’s patients need to be special ordered and prescribed by your physician. If you are want to explore the benefits of bracing for your sports activity, ask the team of experts at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre. We can help by bracing Niagara!

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