Did you know that all types of sandals are not designed or do not function similarly? Choosing foot comfort sandals in Niagara is an important topic we want to cover with customers at Elio’s.

Actually, the flimsy, fun flip flops might be stylish and easy to wear but that type of footwear could have a bad effect on your foot health.  Perhaps if you are simply sitting around a patio or in the backyard this summer, the comfy flip flops would be no problem.  On the other hand if you are walking for a long distance in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Thorold, or other parts of the Region, you should toss the flip flops in favour of top quality sandals.

Features To Look For When Buying Sandals

Let’s start the search for sandals with a few tips.  For starters, connect with a footwear consultant at Elio’s Foot Comfort where we help you check the sandal’s base. Look for a base that is as wide as your foot. Ideally, the base of good sandals should have a thicker sole with a low heel to offer support.  This type of solid base creates shock absorption and protection.  Secondly, examine the length of the sandals to ensure your heels and toes don’t fall over the edges.  It is important that the proper fitting sandals cup your heel.  Check that the toes are firm in the base.

An arch contour and cupped heel for foot support are key features to find when choosing sandals.  Good arch support and strong heel control in the sandal typically helps alleviate foot problems such as the pain from plantar fasciitis, which is known to be caused by lengthy wear in flat flip flops.

Adjustable straps are a good feature to look for when choosing sandals.  It is preferable to choose sandals with a buckle or Velcro strap.  Experience shows that the adjustable straps on sandals ensure the feet stay set in the proper position in the footwear. This stabilizes and supports the foot and leg, even over time as the actual product wears out.

Find Sandals by Top Quality Brands | Birkenstock | Mephisto | Finn Comfort

Get top quality brands such as Birkenstock or Mephisto, among other options for sandals available at Elio’s.  There are different types of sandals which can be selected depending on the kind of activity you enjoy.  For example, if you walk long distances, then supportive sandals are a good option.  If you are on a vacation and going on tours, perhaps walking sandals or shoes might be a better alternative.

Ultimately, wearing top quality sandals, properly fitted for you by an expert, and matched to your lifestyle activities will enhance the pleasures of the season.