Comfort Shoes Can Alleviate Niagara Foot Pain

Comfort shoes for foot pain? Niagara foot pain is a common problem, and for some patients at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre we see it has lead to a handicap or a restricted lifestyle.  A highly effective treatment for foot pain is the use of orthopaedic shoes and orthotic inserts. We feature the orthopaedic shoes as comfort footwear by top quality brand names at Elio’s. Comfort shoes along with custom made orthotics can help to alleviate many different foot ailments.  Certified Canadian Pedorthists at Elio’s offer treatments from  arch and heel pain, plantar fasciitis or flat feet.  Book an appointment online for a consultation on foot care

Ill-fitting shoes cause foot problems.  Problems can be aggravated for people wearing the wrong type or incorrect size of shoes. The key is to find solutions to help your feet to recover. For instance, high-heeled shoes are known to have narrow toe boxes that can lead to bunions and hammertoes.  High heel shoes put pressure on the ball of the feet and frequently cause structural damage and chronic pain to the feet and legs.

What Can You Do To Alleviate Foot Pain?

  1. Speak with a Certified Canadian Pedorthist at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre. You will benefit from expert advice. Depending on the condition you are suffering from, the Pedorthist may recommend a consultation with a Physician to consider any underlying causes of your foot pain. If you suffer with foot pain, it’s a good idea to book a foot assessment at Elio’s, where a team of experts will be on site to review your lifestyle. Elio’s professionals will aim to find a solution focused on your condition. In a foot assessment at Elio’s the Pedorthist will conduct a foot and gait analysis, which will help the team create a personalized solution for your problems.
  2. Try orthopaedic shoes also known as comfort footwear. Designed to provide additional support for your feet, orthopaedic shoes ease most pain you suffer while walking or standing. Elio’s features a wide range of styles of shoes to offer you strong support. Elio’s staff can also determine if all of your shoes function properly for your feet. Athletic footwear, casual footwear and safety boots should all feel comfortable and properly fitted.
  3. Get custom made orthotics. These orthotic devices are installed in your shoe and provide additional support for your foot, alleviating pain and helping to heal injuries. Elio’s offers different type of foot orthotics depending on your budget and requirements. Custom made orthotics fabricated on site in Elio’s lab will be designed to work perfectly with your foot
  4. Walk around barefoot for a few minutes daily. After the daily grind standing at work for a long time your feet get tired and strained. Even if you’re walking to shops or run errands, the remedy is to allow your feet recover from supporting your weight all day long. For a few minutes daily, walk around a barefoot in a clear, clean and safe area. This enables your feet to relax and spread out naturally, which can help your foot health.
  5. Show some love for happy feet. Give your feet a treat. Consider different options to you show your feet some tender loving care.  The TLC could be a  foot massage, a foot bath in Epsom salts or a set of relaxing exercises can make a positive difference for your foot health and also feel great overall.

For more information on foot health, go to the Pedorthic Association of Canada website.