The Root of Arch Problems
Your feet are the foundation of your body.. When your feet are out of alignment, your body’s entire skeletal structure is affected.
Iintense arch pain is a problem that might indicate flat feet. This arch problem happens when the arch of your foot is fully collapsed or rolls inward. People with flat feet are missing crucial arch support, and thus develop an arch problem when they are forced to shift pressure from walking to other parts of the foot.
How Arch Problems Turn Into Flat Feet
Though flat feet can be hereditary, they can also develop as a symptom of foot abuse.
Weakened muscles due to aging or heavy strain placed on the feet can cause an arch problems, and later flat feet.
Standing or walking for long periods in high heels can cause an arch problem, and eventually flat feet.
Wearing shoes without adequate arch support could lead to arch problems, and eventually cause flat feet. Let the experts at Elio’s assist you with a proper fit and quality shoes with proper arch support.
The largest sign of flat fleet is clearly arch discomfort or pain in the arch region. As your foot’s normal arch begins to drop, walking becomes very uncomfortable and painful. Your feet can also turn outward at the ankle, causing a walk that’s concentrated on the inner border of the foot; not natural and not a sign of aging.
Due to the lack of support structure of flat feet, postural strain and misalignment through the foot, ankle, knee and lower back can cause additional daily discomfort and pain.
Arch problems are not the only sign of flat feet, however, this condition can also lead to heel spurs, ankle sprains, hip and lower back pain and even contribute to the development of arthritis. The depression of the arch in your feet can put strain on ligaments and tendons that support the foot and ankle, and – over time – the bones begin to collapse.
Good Arch Support Can Help Relieve Arch Problems
In most people, arch problems caused by flat feet may be treated with proper comfort shoes or orthotics. If you want to catch an arch problem before it develops into flat feet, get expertly fitted custom shoes from Elio’s with arch support and stability. Ergonomic soles or foot othotics also help support and stabilize your heel.