Proper fitting footwear is the topic of an article in the Health, Wellness and Safety Magazine by Mario DiFelice, owner/operator of Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre.  The “Ask The Expert” column published in the magazine’s September edition covers 5 key tips to find the right shoes.   For a foot care question you want answered, contact the team of experts at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre.  We can help!  Download article.

Proper fitting footwear is essential to keep your feet and your body happy.

Poorly fitting shoes can cause foot problems such as bunions, corns, calluses, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures and more. We all have different foot shapes and different needs. So the shoes that may work for your friend may not be the best ones for you. Remember that even when you find the right shoes they will wear out over time and need to be replaced, usually every six months to one year of regular use.

How do you find the right shoes? Use these basic tips from our team of Canadian Certified Pedorthists at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre.

  1. Have your feet measured by an expert.
  2. Most people have one foot larger than the other. Ensure both feet are measured, and fit shoes to your larger foot.
  3. Get footwear measured at the end of the day, when feet are expanded.
  4. The size marked inside a shoe could vary depending on the brand. Your shoe size is only a starting point in proper footwear selection.
  5. Make sure the shoe fits your foot comfortably.

Read more tips on  See the experienced shoe fitters on Elio’s team of experts for proper fitting footwear. Your feet will thank you in the long run, short run or even just walking around

Proper Fitting Footwear