Everyone at Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre is proud to introduce Guillermo Chicas as the newest member of our team, A Lab Technician at Elio’s, Guillermo brings a quarter century of experience to our team and will help us expand our services. In particular, he loves the fact that all of our products are hand-made from raw materials. Ask us to show you a sample of his shoe modifications or Orthotic fabrications the next time you come to Elio’s. We are sure you will be as impressed as others have already seen at Elio’s. Please share this great news and help us give a big shout out for Guillermo, making feet happy at Elio’s!

Guillermo Chicas Lab Technician

foot orthotics


With Custom Orthotics Made in Niagara, Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre has the solution for foot pain. No   more aching feet after a long hard day of work or just  running around. For  40 years Elio’s has been making feet happy; a concept that was implemented by   Mastercraftsman, Elio DiFelice. He was an original in designing and crafting a   perfect molded arch support to alleviate pain. Today, Elio’s is continuing   that tradition of foot comfort with the design and application of custom  orthotics. The custom orthotics are made on-site and assessments are done by a   certified pedorthist. Elio’s custom orthotics help in restoring motion,   regaining stability and provide relief of painful foot, knee  or back problems.  They will also help people who stand on there feet all day at work or in   everyday activities. Our Orthotics may be the solution.


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